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September Rain

As I walk here alone, sunlight is blinding me, I watch how the leaves fall Itís years ago, but Iím still waiting for your call. Thereís not a single day I didnít think about you Sometimes I wonder if you did, too. Hearing your voice, seeing youíre smile, feeling your touch Itís long ago, but I still miss it that much. I watch the rain pour and I donít care Still thinking about all the things we shared I still remember the things you told me But reality opened up my eyes and made me see I canít ever have you back on my side But if I told you how many tears Iíve cried.. Would you still care ? Would you be there ? Your name is running all over through my head And I guess I donít need to feel sad Because youíre always on my mind Itís the only place where youíll never leave me behind But if you were around me just one more day I would have a thousand words to say Still not one of them could express what I feel When I notice that youíre here is real But as long as wishes donít come true Iíll sit here in the rain, still waiting for youÖ
12.10.13 14:38


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