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September Rain

As I walk here alone, sunlight is blinding me, I watch how the leaves fall It’s years ago, but I’m still waiting for your call. There’s not a single day I didn’t think about you Sometimes I wonder if you did, too. Hearing your voice, seeing you’re smile, feeling your touch It’s long ago, but I still miss it that much. I watch the rain pour and I don’t care Still thinking about all the things we shared I still remember the things you told me But reality opened up my eyes and made me see I can’t ever have you back on my side But if I told you how many tears I’ve cried.. Would you still care ? Would you be there ? Your name is running all over through my head And I guess I don’t need to feel sad Because you’re always on my mind It’s the only place where you’ll never leave me behind But if you were around me just one more day I would have a thousand words to say Still not one of them could express what I feel When I notice that you’re here is real But as long as wishes don’t come true I’ll sit here in the rain, still waiting for you…
12.10.13 14:38


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